We provide care to patients in the age bracket of 10 to 65 years.

We provide Diagnosis, Treatment, and Management of a vast array of clinical presentations and lifestyle issues. We can prescribe medications as indicated.

Attention Deficit Disorder

Depression & Postpartum Depression

Bipolar & Other Mood Disorders


Panic Attack

Anxiety & Grief


PTSD & Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Types of Visits

Initial Psychiatric Evaluation

Commencing the therapeutic journey, this session caters to individuals new to our clinic. Through insightful conversations with the patient or their designated source of information, our objective is to formulate and sustain an accurate diagnosis. This assessment encompasses a holistic collection of social and biographical data, firsthand observations, and results obtained from meticulously administered psychological tests.

Follow Up Medication Management Visits

These appointments focus on evaluating prevailing treatment strategies and addressing emerging symptoms. For established patients, we ensure the most effective care. Our conservative medication approach follows evidence-based guidelines. Together with the client, our providers make necessary adjustments to achieve treatment goals. We also consider recent diagnoses and social factors during thorough medical history reviews.


Experience care through electronic means with our telepsychiatry service. Connect with your provider conveniently using devices like your cellphone for secure and confidential virtual consultations. We prioritize your privacy by utilizing a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing system. Please note that specific criteria must be fulfilled to access remote appointments with your provider.


Research indicates that combining therapy with psychiatric medication management enhances client outcomes. In line with this, clients may be recommended for in-depth therapy and/or a therapeutic process with a therapist or psychologist, as deemed appropriate. Our collaborative approach ensures comprehensive care tailored to each individual’s needs.

Some signs you may need a mental health consultation

Loss of Interest

Taking More Dangerous Risk

Using Alcohol and Drugs to Escape

Severe Decline in School Performance

Excessive Worry & Anxiety

Feeling Worthless

Persistent Nightmares

Hyperactivity or Fidgety

Doing Ordinary Things Get Harder

Withdrawal or Feeling Overwhelmed

Changes in Sleep and/or Eating

Poor Grades Despite Strong Efforts

Refusal to Go School

Recurring Thoughts of Suicide or Death

Frequent Temper Tantrums, Irritability, or Sadness

“There is always a bright sunny morning waiting for you after a stormy night.”