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What Assure Psychiatry Provides

Facing the prospect of a negative cycle driven by anxiety, trauma, depression, unhealthy coping, or environmental stressors can be overwhelming. While effective therapy is a cornerstone in treating most mental health issues, some cases require more.

How can you determine if medication is right for you? If you’ve endured a prolonged negative cycle, it’s likely your brain could benefit from additional support. Appropriate psychotropic medication can significantly improve your symptoms.

At ASSURE PSYCHIATRY, we pride ourselves on offering empathetic, culturally competent care. Our NP brings years of clinical and personal experience, certified as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP-BC). We collaborate seamlessly with your healthcare team, respecting your choices. Your diagnosis doesn’t define you; empowerment comes through treatment. Contact us via call/email to start the healing journey together.



Treatment Services

Attention Deficit Disorder

Depression & Postpartum Depression

Anxiety & Grief

PTSD & Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Bipolar & Other Mood Disorders



Panic Attack

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What Our Patients Say About Us ?

Great Doc, love the explanation she gave and look forward to our treatment plan. I say our because she said she would be there every step of the way.
Joshua V

Everyone was kind and professional and made sure to follow up before I was scheduled. I was even able to be seen earlier than my given time so I’m very pleased.

Denita W

She was very kind and listened to my concerns and was able to quickly find a solution for me. try!
Barbara K

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“Peace of mind allows positive mental health.”